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what I do

  1. Listen to you.
  2. I help you to work out what you need from your website – even a business model if required.
  3. I can design the appearance of your website – what impression does this give site visitors?
  4. Design the user experience – a combination of structure and information architecture – can people find what they want?
  5. I can build a functioning website using that design (or almost any other).
  6. Prototype functionality if we need to test something out, often before you commit to me, or I issue a quote to you.

what I provide

  1. An honest opinion. If its expensive, simple, cheap, reliable, flaky, or the next big thing, I’ll tell you straight up.
  2. A cost effective and complete product at an agreed budget.
  3. Simple tools to maintain, edit, update or remove your website content.
  4. Advanced tools to optimise the content in your website for search engines.
  5. Industry standard tools for online analysis for the performance of your website.
  6. Tools for online, viral, social and email marketing within your website.
  7. Techniques to test what people think of your website.
  8. Tests to see if people understand your website and are able to use it properly!

the bottom line

You are probably going to provide my next referral, I want you to be delighted with your product.